Juliet Chocolates

The Juliet Chocolate Factory has been serving premium chocolate for over 40 years. 

Our chocolate contains no waxes, fillers, or preservatives. Our chocolate manufacturers not only source sustainable chocolate by creating and funding programs that support the environment where cacao grows, but they also work towards bringing higher wages to cacao farmers and harvesters. We are proud to get our premium chocolate from companies that care about the environment and the people they do business with.

Our company was purchased from the original owners, Sherm and Linda Rundles, in October 2019. We trained from Sherm himself, who went to confectionery school and introduced us to some amazing old-fashioned candy recipes that we continue to use today.

Our family loves the confection industry for the smiles it puts on many faces. We hope to always be growing our skills in this industry, and creating new products for people to enjoy. Being in business has given us the opportunity to see what small business owners go through. Therefore, similar to the goals of our chocolate manufacturers, we aim to pay ourselves and our employees a fair and livable wage. In doing so, we can provide exceptional service, exceptional product, and encourage the success of small businesses.

Come visit our shop to find great gifts, satisfy your sweet tooth, or simply enjoy the wonderful aroma of chocolate. We hope to see you soon, and we thank our wonderful customers who have supported us for years, and for years to come!