How to Buy Chocolate for Someone Else

The decision to buy someone a gift is easy, but picking out the right gift can be a challenge. One of the best gifts to give when you don't know what to get is something that can be used or consumed within a short amount of time. That makes chocolate a fantastic gift choice! You're already this much closer to having a gift picked out; So once you reach the store, what do you get?

HOLD UP! Before you proceed any further, I must warn you about allergies. It's one of life's most annoying things, yet it's something we cannot forget about. If you are shopping for someone with a peanut or tree nut allergy, I would avoid chocolate all together. Those allergies and chocolate just don't mix, because what are people's most favorite thing covered in chocolate? Nuts. That means most all chocolate facilities you find process nuts. Therefore, that is the only time I will tell you NOT to buy chocolate as a gift for someone. Now that the hard stuff is out of the way, Let's Talk About CHOCOLATE! 

1. The Assortment Box

You usually can't go wrong with an assorted box of chocolates. It gives someone a variety of chocolates to try, and most assortment boxes are filled with the most popular items. If you aren't sure if the gift recipient likes milk or dark chocolate, just buy an assortment that contains both. A lot of people enjoy both milk and dark chocolate, plus, if the person you are buying for likes only one type, they can still enjoy the gift, and give the rest of the chocolate to someone else. 

Additionally, if you know exactly what the person likes covered in chocolate, you can head to our Build-A-Box counter and build your own custom assortment.

When you're done, you can have the box gift wrapped and your gift is ready to go.

2. The Gift Basket

Gift Baskets are great for the person who loves snacking chocolate, or if your gift is for a family with kids. Many people enjoy chocolate covered malt balls, raisins, potato chips, you name it! (Seriously, the list could go on forever). Most prepared baskets contain popular items, but it's not hard to create your own gift basket. You don't even need to use a basket. One thing I love to do is just buy a variety of chocolate, maybe a small assortment box, a bag of chocolate covered potato chips, and a small bag of nonpareils, and just put it in a gift bag with a cute bow. 

Gift baskets or bags are great because it makes the recipient feel like they are getting more, since they are receiving multiple items as opposed to just one box of chocolates. Plus, you can really tailor it to the recipient. Like I mentioned earlier, if you're buying a gift for a family, you could include some kid friendly options, such as chocolate lollipops, chocolate covered animal crackers, or even some gummis.

We offer multiple sizes of gift bags for your convenience in case you need to pick something up on the go, and we finish it off with tissue paper at no added expense. 

3. Gift Cards


If you would rather your recipient pick out exactly what they want, you can buy them a gift card. Better yet, pair your gift card with a small chocolate item or small assortment box so they can enjoy their gift immediately and later! Plus, they get the exciting experience of walking into a chocolate shop smelling that wonderful chocolate aroma and seeing a smiling face waiting to greet them and help them find exactly what they need to satisfy their sweet tooth. A gift with an experience is a win-win. 

In closing, picking out a chocolate gift for someone can be really simple. Whether it's an assorted box of chocolates, or an assortment of chocolate snacks, we're here to help you put together a chocolate gift your recipient will love.